Call for Proposals $25,000

September 22, 2017
British Columbia Rehabilitation Foundation is looking for long-term partners who are dedicated to establishing, maintaining and operating projects and programs which are focussed on providing assistance to individuals living with physical disabilities.
We invite proposals from organizations in British Columbia for full or partial funding of projects and programs up to $25,000 annually (but not including overhead or general and administrative expenses) that include rehabilitation, improved accessibility, education or vocational training, research into clinical methods and assistive devices, and the expansion of opportunities of any kind for disabled individuals. Funding will be considered on a recurring, multi-year basis or for single projects or programs. If your organization has a new initiative that requires funding, or an established program that could be expanded to reach a larger segment of the population, please get in touch with us. Applicants must be registered charities and must be primarily based in British Columbia. Please describe your proposed project or program in reasonable detail in an e-mail to We will be reviewing applications received by November 10, 2017.