British Columbia Rehabilitation Foundation was looking for long-term partners who are dedicated to establishing, maintaining and operating projects and programs which are focussed on providing assistance to individuals living with physical disabilities. We invite proposals from organizations in British Columbia for full or partial funding of projects and programs up to $25,000 annually (but not including overhead or general and administrative expenses) that include rehabilitation, improved accessibility, education or vocational training, research into clinical methods and assistive devices, and the expansion of opportunities of any kind for disabled individuals. Funding will be considered on a recurring, multi-year basis or for single projects or programs.

We are happy to announce BC Association for Individualized Technology and Supports for People with Disabilities and BC Wheelchair Basketball Society are the successful recipients of the 2018 three year program. BC Association for Individualized Technology and Supports for People with Disability: The purpose of this project is to encourage our clients to use voice activated devices and environmental controls so that they can live more independently at home. Our biomeds will educate the TIL and PROP client on the best available devices for the unique needs of the individuals. They will help the clients navigate through the different options available. The biomeds expertise in the new emerging technology will assist our clients in understanding the benefits of voice activated technology, here are some examples Nest Thermostats – clients are able to change the temperature from Google Home by voice commands when at home or from anywhere, using an app on their smart devices. Philips Hue Lighting – Clients are able to turn lights on or off throughout the home, dim to the lights for a perfect ambiance while also changing the colour of the light and even recall pre-set scenes Chromecast- Clients are able to stream media straight from the phone, tablet, or laptop. Wheelchair Basketball Society: Regional development programs also encourage those who have retired from competitive sport, to remain active in the sport for fun and for health benefits, not to mention contributors to their communities. It also gives them the opportunity to mentor new participants and/or juniors who may wish to develop their skills further. Keeping individuals involved in wheelchair basketball is crucial to the continued growth and success of our programs as we move forward.