BC Wheelchair Basketball Society

BC Rehab granted $36,000 over the past two years towards their Reginal Development Program


BC Rehab granted $8,000 towards the development of their website

Disability Alliance

BC Rehab granted $75,000 over three years for the Right Fit Pilot Project

Disabled Independent Gardner’s Association

BC Rehab granted $2,500 towards the 2019 DIGA workshops at GF Strong

Canadian Adaptive Climbing Society

BC Rehab granted $2,500 towards the “Everyone Can Climb if They Chooses to Try” program


BC Rehab granted $3,250 towards their Adaptive Kayak Replacement Project

Power to Be

BC Rehab granted $3,000 to purchase stabilizing outriggers for the kayak program at Prospect Lake

BC Wildlife Federation

BC Rehab granted $5,000 towards the Fishing Forever program

Taghum Hall

BC Rehab granted $5,000 towards accessibility improvements

Allan Brooks Nature Centre

BC Rehab granted $4,000 towards and accessible door to the nature centre

Arrow and Slocan Lakes Community Services

BC Rehab granted $4,600 towards the accessibility improvements to the Community Services building

Cerebral Palsy Sports Association of BC

BC Rehab granted $5,000 towards the Para Ice Hockey program in Kelowna and Victoria.

Kimberly Art Council – Centre 64

BC Rehab granted $4,300 towards the installation of an accessible lift to make the second floor theater accessiible to all patrons.

St. John Ambulance

BC Rehab granted $10,000 towards their Community Transfer Program for rural and remote areas in British Columbia.

Live it! Love it! Foundation

BC Rehab granted $2400 worth of project grant funding to cover the accommodation costs for housing participants during the Freewheel camp.

Realwheels Theatre Society

BC Rehab granted $500 to sponsor the show tickets and attendance of people with disabilities.

Kamloops Therapeutic Riding Association

BC Rehab granted $540 to support components of the annual costs associated with Troy the therapeutic horses care.

Cerebral Palsy Association of BC

BC Rehab granted $1,500 to support instructor costs associated with program delivery for their 12-week Dance Without Limits program.

BC Wheelchair Basketball

BC Rehab granted $3,742 towards the purchase of two sport wheelchairs

BC Mobility Opportunities Society

BC Rehab granted $3,400 towards the purchase of a trailrider.

Horsefly Seniors Activity and Wellness Society

BC Rehab granted $5,000 to construct an exterior covered accessibility ramp on the Old Fire Hall Centre in Horsefly, BC. http://www.wltribune.com/community/268305812.html

Pacific Assistance Dogs Society

BC Rehab granted $4,500 for three puppies support and training to become wheelchair assistance dogs for people living with a physical disability.

Boys and Girls Club of South Coast BC

BC Rehab granted $3,800 towards an adaptive swing for children with disabilities

Tetra Society

BC Rehab granted $3,300 for parts to build assistive devices and $500 for the 2014 Gizmo Sponsorship.

Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention Centre of British Columbia

BC Rehab granted $10,000 towards enabling accessibility for Crisis Centre, Volunteers and Staff.

Hydration Station

BC Rehab is pleased to announce a new program focused on supporting clients at GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre. The BC Rehab Hydration Station program provides clients in need with the proper water bottle devices to increase their daily hydration. The program was created through a partnership between GF Strong’s Department of Occupational Therapy and BC Rehab.

The Hydration Station launched in April 2012 with two types of water bottle devices offered by BC Rehab. One water bottle is ideal for Acquired Brain Injury clients and those with hand dexterity; the second model is a camelback water bottle that can be hooked on the back of a wheelchair and water is accessed through a straw. You can see BC Rehab pass staff member Pam McHugh giving out the very first hydration device to Mr. Hugh Williams on April 22nd, 2012 in the photo.

According to Tracey Findlay, Practice Leader, Speech-Language Pathology at GF Strong: “The BC Rehab Hydration Project is beneficial to the clients at GF Strong because good nutrition and hydration are an essential part of the recovery process. This project increases access to hydration for the clients.” By assisting clients to hydrate themselves, we are facilitating and enabling them to be more independent and accountable for their health. Hydration Station also seeks to address barriers that may exist for some clients, such as limited finances or those who do not have nearby family members to pick up such equipment, by providing a donated service. All clients must submit a simple referral form which is signed off on by a therapist on their rehab team.

Funded a 3D printer to GF Strong.